Hill refuses to panic despite defeat

Moments before Lowe netted, former Bury loanee Chris O'Grady missed a golden opportunity to give Dale the lead when he somehow missed the target from six yards out. But Hill refused to point the finger at the striker following his error.

"Chris will be forgiven and the game will be forgotten," said Hill. "On another day, Chris would have scored and might have got a victory. But we didn't, and we're still top of the league so I don't think anybody should be panicking.

"Once the game opened up in the second half I thought we played some good football but we didn't really stretch Bury. I can't argue with the result, yet but for an individual mistake, I thought it would have been 0-0.

"It wasn't just the miss by Chris - I think the challenge could be a lot better by Nathan Stanton for their goal. We had just started to dominate possession but Nathan and Chris have been superb for us this season."

Source: Team Talk